This is Dan Sheerman's old website. He now works at Headscape, and has a new, shinier website.

What I Can Do For You

I can offer a wide range of skills, consisting of, but by no means limited to:

Front-End Web Design & Development

That's a wordy phrase describing the main thing I do, which basically boils down to being able to design a web project from scratch, and see it through to the end. Fully (X)HTML/CSS standards compliant sites, using coding typed fresh from these hardworking hands. This gives your site minimal loading times against the competition, and more control over that perfect look.

Web Management

Got a website with content that will need to be frequently updated? Not a problem. I'll design it, build it, and run it as well.

Graphic Design

Corporate identities, logos, brochure layouts, letterheads & business cards.


Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Other. Available by request.


If there's anything else you require that isn't mentioned, ask. Chances are I might either be able to accommodate your needs, or can recommend someone who can.

I'm Tweeting...

  1. Sheerman: I have decided I'm going to buy one of these, and I'm going to live inside it at work: (HT @DaleAnthony)
  2. Sheerman: RT @DaleAnthony: @iamkeir @designepic @sheerman maybe you should think about purchasing one of these
  3. Sheerman: @liamjvs Jel of the wel variety.
  4. Sheerman: RT @jonginn: OH "Is 'Macaroon' a country?"
  5. Sheerman: Convinced there's a virus going round that just makes people insanely tired. Speaking to so many other people knackered regardless of sleep.
  6. Sheerman: And lo, @Sheerman took over the office speakers and declared 'let there be deadmau5', and he saw there was deadmau5, and that it was good.
  7. Sheerman: RT @TheMockneyCook: Sometimes I chuck a load of grub in the VW camper, grab an acoustic guitar, roll down to the coast and just act like ...
  8. Sheerman: @elliottkember Semi-skimmed or GTFO.