This is Dan Sheerman's old website. He now works at Headscape, and has a new, shinier website.

My Values

Down To Earth(-ness)

I aim to build a friendly, easy going but professional business relationship. I believe that working together is so much easier if both parties are on the same level, and communication flows freely.


Being connected, and on hand to you through as many mediums as possible, as swiftly as humanly possible. I know the importance of web content staying fresh and up to date, so this is especially key if I'm managing the content on your site. If you send content at 7pm on a Friday, you don't want to have to wait until 9am Monday before it even gets looked at it because your designer has clocked off for the day/weekend. I try and make myself accessible as much of the time as I can, when it's convenient for you; you'll notice my contact number is my mobile (iPhone of course), my email also gets pushed there as well. That said, everybody has to eat and sleep occasionaly.


I'll involve you as much - or indeed as little - as you like in the design process (within reason of course). This ensures your satisfaction, making sure you get what you're paying for.


I enjoy what I do, especially if I can relate to the project. It's as simple as that. You can be sure that I'll be committed to a job, be it small or large.


Because there's no point in being otherwise.

Customers (Didn't Actually) Say...
(aka. Slogans I Threw Out)