This is Dan Sheerman's old website. He now works at Headscape, and has a new, shinier website.

But What's It Gonna Cost Me?

Money is always a sensitive area with clients, and a very complex area for designers. It's very difficult to provide estimates on a job by job basis, as every job is different, and most clients understate what they need, and add/change things halfway through. I'm more than happy to provide a guesstimate of how much a job is likely to cost, but because of the above, I charge by an hourly rate. One may compare it to other designers, I'm cheaper than some, more expensive than others, but ultimately, everything is relative.

I am human, reasonable, and willing to negotiate; you'll find I'm quite happy to do certain things on the side, but at the end of the day, fine wines and Hobnobs don't pay for themselves.

Prices of Life Essentials:
(Updated when I can afford to buy them)