This is Dan Sheerman's old website. He now works at Headscape, and has a new, shinier website.

Why, Hello There.

Dan Sheerman, when he's not talking about himself in the third person, is the creator of the wonder that is Sheer-Design. First and foremost, he aims to achieve great design solutions that his clients will love.

He lives in the future, keeping up and complying with the latest standards and technologies, and enjoys doing so both for professional and personal interest. One might say he's a little nerdy, he probably would as well.

He always likes to know what's going on in the world of design, tech, and of course, his clients. Likewise, he is happy to share the inside ramblings of his mind with you too. He has embedded some feeds from the sites he uses around the place, so you can see what he's up to if you like. He'll be quiet if you ask.

I'm listening to/watching...